The community of Cambridge Bay was incorporated as a hamlet governed by Mayor and Council in 1984. The hamlet covers an area of some 202 square kilometres (78 square miles) on the south shore of Victoria Island in Nunavut. Cambridge Bay was first settled in the 1920s, when souther traders established posts here, however this is a traditional hunting and fishing area for Inuit families whose camps once dotted the entire Arctic Coast. Our hamlet crest features Arctic char, our local fish, surrounding a symbol of the Northwest Passage, and displaying the Loran beacon and the midnight sun. The Loran beacon was essential in early aviation in this area, originally built in 1947-48 for long range communications it was also used by boats and hunters around Cambridge Bay to find their way back to town. In 2013, the tower was determined to be structurally unsound and was demolished in August 2014. 


Hamlet Facts

The Hamlet of Cambridge Bay is a major employer in the Community.

  •  The Hamlet provides : 
  • 45 Full Time positions
  • 8 Part time / Full time positions
  • 8 Term positions
  • 25 Casual employees

 All employees with the exception of Casuals are Unionized.

Per bi-weekly payroll, the Hamlet produces an average of 100 cheques.

The gross earnings (before deductions) averages about $200,000 every two weeks for the economy of Cambridge Bay.


Summer Student Program

During the summer  months, the Hamlet also employs an average  20 Summer Students in the area of Day Camps, Swimming Pool ,Youth Centre and 10 casuals in General Labour positions. This provides another $80,000 in gross earnings over approximately nine weeks of Student employment.


Overall Stats

Employment  -     86 overall ( not including Students )

                            62 beneficiaries            73%

                            24 non-beneficiaries     27%


Water/ Sewer          Environment           Maintenance          Recreation

25 overall                 2 overall                 1 overall                  5 overall

23 beneficiaries      2 beneficiaries      1 beneficiary          3 beneficiaries

 2 non-benef.           0 non-benef           0 non-benef           2 non-benef

B-92% NB-8%         B-100%                  B- 100%                  B-60%



Casual List – Mun. Ser.                      Casual list – Maint.

Benef. – 43                                             Benef. – 3

Non- B- 1                                                 B - 100%

B-98% NB-2%


Wellness               Finance                  CARS              EDO              Bylaw       

35 overall             4 overall                  6 overall         2 overall         1 overall    

29 benefs.            3 benefs.                1 benef.          1 benef.           1 NB        

6 non-benefs.      1 NB                        5 NB                1 NB.

B-83%                   B-75%                     B-17%            B -50%      NB-100%

NB- 17%               NB- 25%                NB-83%          NB-50%


Lands                   Management

1 overall              6 overall

1 NB                    6 NB

NB-100%            NB- 100%